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Wang Lab Past Members

Michael Wang, MD PhD

Michael Wang is Associate Professor of Neurology and Molecular and Integrative Physiology. Michael arrived in Ann Arbor in 2003 after finishing research and clinical training at Johns Hopkins, where he was Assistant Professor of Neurology. He serves as Chief of Neurology at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.

Soo Jung Lee, MSSoo Jung Lee is a graduate of Pusan University, where she obtained a Masters degree in Molecular Biology. She has been with the lab since 2004. She enjoys cloning, performing protein analysis, and contemplating the unique proteins in blood vessels. She has set the lab record for number of students mentored.

Xiaojie Zhang, MD PhD

Xiaojie Zhang is interested in proteins that interact with NOTCH3, NOTCH3 clearance, and protein modifications. Xiaojie's best molecular friend is mRNA, which she likes to quantify. After the brain, the kidney is her second favorite organ (she is a nephrologist).

Naw May Pearl, PhD

Naw May Pearl is a protein expert who joined the lab in 2015. We are lucky to enjoy her expertise in protein purification, protein analysis, and biochemical skills. She responds best when called by the name that is listed in the middle.

Ejona KorcariEjona Korcari is an undergraduate research assistant who is currently in the UM Class of 2016. 2016 will be her fourth year in the lab, where she has been busy localizing proteins by immunohistochemistry and discovering dozens of new vascular proteins in CADASIL tissue. Ejona hails from the great state of

Jack GattiJack Gatti is an undergraduate research assistant from the UM Class of 2018. Jack started with us in 2015, and he has been very busy characterizing novel human brain arterial markers by staining. He is a proud native of Grosse Isle, Michigan!

Luis Savastano, MD PhDLuis Savastano is a fellow in the lab and also a resident in the Department of Neurosurgery at UM. Trained in Argentina in neurological anatomy, Luis has strong interests in vascular neurosurgery, with a focus on development of novel methods of visualizing cerebrovascular tissue, in vivo. Luis is known to be very competitive on the rugby

Jon Dean

Jon Dean is a PhD student in the Department of Physiology at the University of Michigan. An accomplished rock musician from Ohio, Jon has begun studies to characterize brain enzymes that contribute to the formation of neurochemicals expressed in the distressed brain.


Undergrads and Postgrads:

Yue Xi, UM

Christina Chae, Wellesley College

Fausta Ditah, UM Medical School

Jun Li, UM Medical School

Dan Allen, UM

Jessica Wang, UM

Moonsun Park, Michigan State

Yezi Peng, UM

Yaxi Chen, UM

Rushdee Hasan, UM

Candice Yip, UM

Omar Elmadhoun, Wayne State

Avery Chandler, UM

Rahul Puttagunta, Union College

Kelly Young, Washington University (and MD PhD student)

Eric Cheng, UM

Raheeb Hasan, UM

Tasnia Faruq, UM

Ashley Decaluwe, UM

Jiaxin Huang, UM

Lauren Duski, UM

Molly Zimmerman, UM

Eric Keast, UM Medical School

Tess Gao, University of Toledo

Snehaa Maripudi, Johns Hopkins University

Jae Park, UM

Ben Schaffler, UM

Claire Kim, UM

Nya Greenstone, Kalamazoo College

Hollister Swanson, Grand Valley State University

Charissa Obeng-Nyarko, Florida A&M University

Kossi Senagbe, Centenary University

Sean Huff, UM (and MD student; co-mentored)

PhD Students:

Yanmei Zhang, PhD (co-mentored)

Ryan Frieler, PhD (co-mentored)


Yun Xu, MD PhD (co-mentored)

Alexandra Calinescu, PhD (co-mentored)

Tina Chen, PhD (co-mentored)

Lijuan Jia, PhD

He Meng, MD PhD

Hairong Dong, MD PhD

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